Why apps are first released on iPhone

October 30, 2021| Pasha-Ali
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The biggest rivalry in mobile operating systems has always been between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Although there are many more Android users then iOS users, developers seem to choose for iOS instead of Android as their primary platform.

More revenue

If you want to make money from your app, chances are you will be more successful releasing it on iOS, then when when you release it on Android.

Because iTunes has better integration with a variety of payment methods users can make a purchase much easier then on Android. iOS users often only have to make one click to do a payment.  There is not much that can beat that.

iPhone users are much more willing to spend money then Android users. A report from Nanigans, a major Facebook advertising company revealed that ads shown on iOS return a staggering 18x higher return of investment then ads shown on Android.

Hardware & software fragmentation

There are many devices that run Android these days. And one thing is certain, it doesn’t make life easier for developers. Except for the problem of being able to support all the different types of hardware, there is also a very large variety of software versions that is being used.

An overview of current distribution of Android versions:

iOS developers on the other hand deal with a very limited number of devices. Because of the high adoption rates for new iOS versions developers only have to supported a limited number of iOS versions.

Better developer tools for iOS

iOS has Xcode and at the moment there are no tools for Android yet that speed up development time like Xcode does. Many features and graphics are ready to use components in Xcode.  This does restrict in some way, but is does enables you to make an app in a much shorter time then when you would be using Eclipse for example. Because you can develop an app in a much shorter time, the cost for building a iOS app are lower then for an Android app.

Conclusion: Freedom comes at a price

Android is a great OS. Freedom is one of the most important things for Android developers and users. It is is one of the main reasons why developers choose the platform. Unfortunately it costs a lot of extra time and effort to maintain that freedom.

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