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The Differences Between Posts and Pages in WordPress

For those who are new to WordPress, the difference between posts and pages can at first be confusing, but this article will shed some light on the two, and the novice WordPress user will very quickly be able to tell which type of method they need. Posts When WordPress was originally conceived, it was as a Blogging tool. For those not in the know, a Blog is an online version of a diary, but with the added advantage of the writer being able to post photos and much more to their online diary. Because WordPress was conceived this way, the posts section of the Blog is where the writer puts their thoughts for that particular time and day -much like a conventional diary. A prolific Blogger may put many post many times a week, or even many per day, and each new Blog post would be positioned at the top…    read more 

6 Advantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

Deciding which webhosting you are going to use is a very difficult and important decision. There are many web hosting companies out there and there are various types of hosting. If you are looking for the best type of hosting for your WordPress site, managed WordPress hosting is a great option. But why would you choose for managed WordPress hosting? Lets have a look at the advantages. 1. Speed Managed WordPress hosting servers are fully optimized for WordPress. This includes hardware and software. Every part has been tweaked to get the most out of any WordPress website. The load speed on managed WordPress hosting is dramatically lower then non non-managed hosting. The difference can even be several seconds of loading time! Having a fast loading website is crucial to your website’s success. Even your Google ranking depends on it. 2. Backups Backups is something a lot of WordPress website owners forget. I…    read more