As the Internet evolves into an integrated part of people’s lives, more data is exposed to hackers. When developing your next  website, PHP Script, WordPress plugin or app it is more important then ever to protect your login form as good as possible. You don’t even need to be a hacker to crack into some websites. Simply download some scripts and run them. Automated hacking has made it even easier to steal data by creating a new type of pseudo-hacker – the “script kiddie.” As a developer. you can take steps to protect users against real hackers and script kiddies.  One of the most common ways to hack a website is through forms. Forms take information and return results to the user. SQL injection, XSS (cross-site scripting) and brute force cracking are a few ways hackers can access your data. Scripts that automate login form cyber attacks are available for download. These login…    read more