A Swift look at Apple’s new programming language Swift

October 30, 2021| Pasha-Ali
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During WWDC 2014 one of the big announcements is Apple’s new programming language Swift. Swift is a language based on Objective-C. Apple has dropped a lot of “baggage” with it’s new language and is usable on both OSX and iOS.

Easier debugging

With Swift developers will be able to see live changes when making adjustments in their code. Developers don’t have to compile their code every time they change something in their code to see the results.

Better performance

Because Apple has dropped a lot of baggage by building a lot of elements into the language itself, there is a performance increase with apps that have been specifically design for iOS 8 using Swift.

Quicker development

Because a lot of functions are already built into Swift, it will allow developers to build application much quicker then when using Objective-C.

Swift is available with Xcode 6. Codester will of course support Swift. Developers are free to upload their Swift source code to Codester. Grab your copy of Xcode 6 and give Swift a try.

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