8 Tips For Creating a Successful App

October 30, 2021| Pasha-Ali
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The App-store is crowded with apps, but most of them are not successful. The days are over where you can wait for success the moment your app hits the App-store. You can still make a lot of money with a successful app, but it will require more work.

1. Create a marketing plan & budget

The one thing all startups focus on, is the development of the app. Yes, it’s great to have a good product, but it doesn’t end there. You also have to create a marketing plan & budget. This is the number one reason why most apps fail.

When you plan to create an app, create a development budget and marketing budget. Some say your total budget should be 80% marketing and 20% development. I won’t go that far, but I do think in general it should be 50% – 50%.

Also create a marketing plan right from the start and start marketing your app even before it’s launched. For example create a launch-page where people can sign up to get noticed when your app is released. Offer these signups something special when the app is released to get higher signup rates.

2. Cut development costs with ready to use app source code

When developing your app, don’t try to reinvent the wheel. There are many app source code packages available which can be used to build your next app. The quality of most of these app source code packages is absolutely great and can be easily used by others.

Don’t compromise on quality by hiring a cheap developer, instead keep the quality high and use some good app source code components for your app to avoid reinventing the wheel.

3. Great user interface

People see a lot of apps these days. 80% of all apps are downloaded and only used once. So be sure to make a great impression! A great user interface can make a huge difference. The user should not get tired of using your app. Be sure to create some great graphics for your app. Don’t be afraid to spend some extra money on a great designer.

4. Build measure learn

When your app goes to market it should be looking good and working, but try to release your app as soon as possible and be ready to measure how things are performing within your app. This way you can easily see what can be improved. Learn from this and build again! Try A/B testing components in your app for optimizing performance. Keep this cycle up and you will create a great app.

5. Avoid feature overkill

When building an app, don’t try to include as much features as possible. Instead focus on the most important features and make sure they work great! More does not mean better. When you start packing your app full of features the app easily gets cluttered. Get your app to market, get feedback from your users and based on that information decide which features you are going to add.

6. Choose your monetization strategy before developing your app

When designing your app also decide how you are going to monetize the app. Doing this will make it easier to implement your monetization model. It will allow you to give your users the best experience.

Research if your monetization strategy is realistic. For example if you choose for ads, be aware how much users your app will need to make a good amount of money. If you are in a very specific niche with a small audience, ads may not be your best choice.

Read more about how to monetize your app.

7. Do Market research

Before releasing your app, do market research. Who will be using your app? Try to interview people within your target audience and get to know them and what they want. Try to step out of your bubble.

Check the App-store for similar apps, if there are a lot of similar apps, it does mean there is lot of competition, but it also confirms there is a market for your app. When developing app with a lot of competition, add a feature to your app that makes it one of kind.

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